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Social Starter Package

Building your public company’s online identity and story takes time and effort – two things that you have in short supply. But without a constant social network presence, you could put your company at risk of being forgotten about by investors. 

Build your brand and a loyal following of investors through social media.

With Stock Marketing’s Social Starter package, you can:

Tell your story

Make sure investors hear your news the way you want them to hear it.

Stock Marketing represents your company on the social platforms your potential investors visit, getting your story to where it will be seen. And by only using your approved content, you can be sure the message is on point and on brand. With Stock Marketing, you can turn your focus to amplifying your narrative instead of managing the compliance of all your communications.

Build influence with investors

Enhance your exposure and creditability by never being out-of-date.

Stock Marketing ensures that your social feeds never stagnate, which could signal the wrong message to your shareholders and potential investors alike. On top of news release posts, regular weekly posts to all social channels are provided. With Stock Marketing, staying relevant and top-of-mind with investors is what we is worth a thousand words. Parallax backgrounds combined with great use of whitespace allow the focus to be on your beautiful images. We’ve also styled a masonry layout as an option for your images.

Make Social work for you

Gain a social footprint with industry experts and potential investors.

Stock Marketing can build or transform your public company’s profile on social accounts to ensure your story is attractive to investors. Profile building for key executives is also included, an important element for investors where a company’s leadership is of priority focus. With Stock Marketing, getting noticed by the right people just got simpler.

Set up for success with a strong social media marketing foundation

Our Work

Package Includes

The Social Starter package ensures you and your company can be found on social media by potential investors and you’re consistently gaining exposure with timely profile updates and regular posting activity.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An optimized online presence with Stock Marketing either completing or updating profiles on the following social media platforms:
  • Facebook Company Fan Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page and Executive Profile
  • Twitter Company Profile
  • Instagram Company Profile & Stories
  • YouTube Company Channel
  • Threads Company Profile
  • TikTok Company Profile
  • Podcast Channel on Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify
  • A regular cadence of effective communications designed to keep your company top of mind. Stock Marketing will post weekly on each platform; company updates, news releases, attended events, executive interviews with applicable use of #Hashtags and #Cashtags.
  • Online marketing efforts to build a following on LinkedIn of potential investors, including:
  • Posting to your LinkedIn executive profile weekly with content from your LinkedIn Company Page (news releases, investor presentations, articles, interviews, and more.)
  • 250 LinkedIn personal connections invited monthly to follow your LinkedIn Company Page

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About Stock Marketing

Stock Marketing was founded to assist public companies with online marketing to effectively reach and engage potential investors. With extensive experience in website design, social media marketing, and staying on top of new platforms and technology, we’ve delivered over 500 projects that encompass company launches, rebrands and comprehensive marketing strategies. Our in-house services are designed to be affordable and efficient, and our founder, Scott Breard, has firsthand knowledge of the need for these services for public companies, having served as a Director of a TSXV listing. We’re here to help public companies utilize the latest best practices in online marketing to capture the attention of today’s investors.

What Others Say

Stock Marketing has a cutting-edge effective marketing solution that public companies so desperately need to broadcast their messages

– Duane Parnham, CEO Madison Metals Inc.

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