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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the right visibility and engagement with potential investors is paramount. At Stock Marketing, we pride ourselves on our specialized expertise in online marketing tailored specifically for publicly listed companies like yours.

Elevate your shareholder engagement with a modern, unparalleled approach. Our team offers exceptional expertise in the public company sphere, setting us apart from the competition. We’re dedicated to not just enhancing, but revolutionizing your brand’s digital footprint, ensuring you stand out to your target investor community. Experience the difference with our cutting-edge strategies.

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With industry leading services, you can trust Stock Marketing to provide always timely, always compliant, and always ‘on brand’ online marketing services to help you achieve exposure and added reach to potential investors.

Trust your marketing to the experts.


Digital marketing solutions designed to captivate investors

Social Media

Is your company active on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram? At Stock Marketing, we either establish new social media profiles for you or revitalize your existing ones. We ensure timely posting of company updates, using strategic hashtags tailored to your target audience. Our goal is to captivate the vast multitude of daily social media users, especially potential investors. Moreover, we monitor all mentions of your company across all platforms.

Website Design & Management

We’ve carefully crafted a solution that checks all the essentials: expert design, contemporary aesthetics, and optimal mobile compatibility. Investors can seamlessly access your website, whether from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. When they search for the latest news release or wish to explore deeper into your public company’s insights, they’ll find the information readily available, capitalizing on the moments when you’ve captivated their attention.

Executive Branding

Is your company’s leader well-connected on LinkedIn with supportive peers and professionals? Building a robust professional presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, boasting over 930 million members, can empower your public company to tap into a fresh pool of investors. Executive Branding not only fosters trust but also cultivates a dedicated and loyal following for the long term.


Elevate your investor relations with a superior digital journey. A mobile app is your gateway to deepening engagement with vital shareholders, offering them an unparalleled and efficient method to stay updated about your company. At Stock Marketing, we can seamlessly transform your website into a state-of-the-art mobile app on Apple and Android, revolutionizing how you captivate your investors.

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Storytelling isn’t just about the narrative but also its presentation – the delivery is paramount. Inconsistent messaging and mismatched visual elements can significantly detract from an impactful story. At Stock Marketing, we’ll ensure clarity and cohesion in your company’s narrative with a contemporary, on-brand investor presentation, eliminating any distractions.

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We generate a following of investors for your company


Stock Marketing has a cutting-edge effective marketing solution that public companies so desperately need to broadcast their messages.

Duane Parnham, CEO – Madison Metals


“I have enjoyed working with the team at Stock Marketing. They are amazingly responsive and ready to help at a moment’s notice. ”

Matt MacKenzie, VP, Corporate Development – Midnight Sun


IR Mobile Apps should be the first and most obvious choice for every public company. The ability to send an instantaneous notification from our company to the screens of thousands if not, millions of investors’ mobile phones is invaluable, especially as their smartphone is the most likely means used to purchase stocks.

Saf Dhillon, CEO – iMetal Resources Inc.