Social Starter Package

Social Media + Executive Branding

Build Your Brand and a Loyal Following of Investors


Elevate your company’s digital presence with ease and efficiency. In today’s fast-paced world, time is a precious resource, and it can be challenging to consistently engage in shaping your brand’s story and identity online. 

Each social media post is an opportunity for investor engagement.

Our Social Media + Executive Branding package is designed to alleviate that burden. By maintaining a dynamic and persistent presence on key social networks, we help keep your company at the forefront of investors’ minds, ensuring that your narrative not only reaches but resonates with your target audience. With Stock Marketing’s Social Starter package, you can:

  • Twitter Company Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • LinkedIn Executive Profile
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Instagram Company Profile + Stories
  • YouTube Company Channel
  • Podcast Channel on Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify (as applicable)

Increase Your Exposure

Leverage the power of social media to effectively reach investors

Elevate your brand on key social networks frequented by potential investors, making sure your story resonates with the intended audience. We strictly use content that has your prior approval, maintaining a consistent and authentic representation of your brand identity. Trust Stock Marketing to handle the complexities of communication regulations, freeing you to focus on refining and enriching your company’s narrative.


Enhance your creditability by never being out-of-date

Stock Marketing keeps your social media channels vibrant and active, preventing any misinterpretation of inactivity by your shareholders and prospective investors. More than just broadcasting news updates, we provide regular weekly postings across all your social platforms. At Stock Marketing, our mission is to maintain your brand’s prominence and relevance in the eyes of your investors.

Make Social work for you

Develop a social footprint with potential investors

Elevating your public company’s social media presence to new heights, Stock Marketing crafts compelling narratives that capture investor attention. We also focus on boosting the profiles of key executives, recognizing the impact of strong leadership on investor confidence. Engaging effortlessly with the right audience is made simple and effective with our expertise. 

Boost your company’s social media visibility with regular updates and posts, enhancing exposure to potential investors.


Consistent Communication Strategy
Stock Marketing maintains a rhythmic communication flow, ensuring your company remains at the forefront. Our weekly posts across platforms cover:

  • Company updates
  • News releases
  • Industry events
  • Multimedia content
  • Strategic use of #Hashtags and $Cashtags
  • Efficient dissemination of third-party multimedia content
Stock Marketing Social Media Communication Strategy
Stock Marketing Executive Branding

Audience Expansion Initiatives
Our Executive Branding efforts are targeted not just at visibility, but also at expanding your sphere of influence and engagement. This includes:

  • Synchronized weekly content on personal and company LinkedIn profiles
  • Monthly LinkedIn outreach: 250 personal connections invited to follow your company
  • Building a community of potential investors

No Set Up Fees
Begin your social media marketing program without initial financial commitments. Stock Marketing’s Social Starter package offers:

  • A hassle-free monthly subscription model
  • No setup fees, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective start
  • Quick activation, enabling a prompt start to your online marketing journey
Stock Marketing Online Marketing For Public Companies No Set Up Fee

Gain Exposure with Investors

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