IR Mobile Apps

An evolution in Investor Relations

IR Mobile Apps

An evolution in Investor Relations

Provide investors with one touch access to your up-To-Date company content



Stock Marketing Inc. is the first marketing agency to provide investor-focussed Mobile Apps for public companies!

Why Do Public Companies Need A Mobile App?
  • 6.3 billion smartphone users around the world
  • 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide
  • 218 billion app downloads in 2021 (up 7% from 2021)
  • Average US adult checks their phone 92 times a day and uses it 4.5 hours per day
  • 70% of all US digital media comes from an app
  • 88% of mobile time is spent on apps

Source ‘2022 Stats’:

​What We Provide

IR mobile app Content

Stock Marketing will professionally design your mobile app with content from your website that you have previously approved. We will continue to update the mobile app with changes and additional information.

Content to be available in your IR Mobile App:

✓ Stock Price

✓ Project(s) with map locations/Services/Products

✓ Corporate Bios

✓ Investor Presentation

✓ Fact Sheets

✓ Financial Statements

✓ News Releases

✓  YouTube Video Interviews

✓  Social Media Links


app CREATION and updates

We understand the complexities of creating and managing Apple and Android developer accounts, so you can focus on what matters—your investors. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience from account creation to app management on the Apple and Android app stores.

Our Comprehensive Service Includes:

✓ Apple and Android Developer Account Setup

✓ Apple and Android

✓ App Store Compliance

✓ App Store Optimization (ASO)

✓ Branding Consistency

✓ App Updates and Enhancements

✓ User Engagement Metrics

✓ Ongoing Support

IR Mobile App –

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IR Mobile App

Your website is buried in a browser with 1 billion others. But a mobile app when downloaded is on the screen of an investors mobile phone and accessible with one touch.

Embrace the Future of Investor Relations

As the pioneers in providing mobile apps for public companies, Stock Marketing Inc. empowers executives like you to embrace the future of investor relations. Elevate your company’s visibility, accessibility, and engagement with a custom-designed IR Mobile App. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies that prioritize investor communication in the palm of their hands.


Why Choose Stock Marketing Inc.’s IR Mobile App Design Service?

Unprecedented Accessibility:

Provide your investors with one-touch access to real-time company content, financial reports, and updates directly from their smartphones or tablets. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and immersive experience, fostering increased engagement and loyalty.

Global Reach:

With 6.3 billion smartphone users and 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide, tap into a vast audience that is constantly connected. Reach investors across the globe, breaking geographical barriers and ensuring that your company remains at the forefront of their investment considerations.

App Download Surge:

The surge in app downloads is undeniable, with a staggering 218 billion downloads in 2021 alone—a 7% increase from the previous year. Capitalize on this trend by providing your investors with a dedicated app that positions your company as forward-thinking and investor-centric.

Mobile Dependency:

Capture the attention of the modern investor who, on average, checks their phone 92 times a day and spends 4.5 hours using it daily. Maximize visibility and engagement by aligning your investor relations strategy with the habits of today’s digital-savvy investors.

App Dominance:

In a world where 70% of all US digital media consumption occurs through apps, having a dedicated investor relations app ensures that your company is at the forefront of the digital landscape. Be where your investors are—on their mobile devices.

Time Spent on Apps:

Statistics show that 88% of mobile time is spent on apps. By offering a compelling and informative app experience, your company gains a significant share of your investors’ digital attention, providing an unparalleled platform for disseminating crucial information.



Book a free discovery call with us, and together, we’ll craft a strategy that not only elevates your online presence but fundamentally strengthens the bond with your shareholders.