IR Mobile Apps

An Evolution in Investor Relations

IR Mobile Apps

An Evolution in Investor Relations

Provide investors with one-touch access to your  company’s content



Through the convenience of a mobile app, investors can stay informed about your company’s performance, financial updates, and strategic moves at their fingertips. It serves as a virtual hub, fostering a sense of connection and transparency between your company and its shareholders.

Stock Marketing Inc. is the first marketing agency for public companies to provide investor-focused Mobile Apps.

A well-crafted mobile app amplifies your online narrative, positioning your public company as innovative, accessible, and committed to transparent communication. In the dynamic landscape of investor relations, embracing mobile technology ensures that your company not only remains in the spotlight but also takes center stage in the digital evolution of corporate communication.

Why Do Public Companies Need A Mobile App?
  • Global smartphone users: 6.3 billion
  • Worldwide tablet users: 1.14 billion
  • App downloads in 2023: 255 billion (10.87% increase from 2022)
  • Daily phone checks by an adult: 92 times
  • Avg. adult spends 4.5 hours a day on a smartphone

​What We Provide

Seamlessly Integrated

Stock Marketing offers expertly crafted mobile app design, integrating approved content from your website. Our commitment includes ongoing updates to the app, ensuring it stays current with any changes and additional information.

Mobile App Features for Investor Relations:

✓ Dynamic Stock Price

✓ News Release Updates with Real Time Notifications

✓ Project & Location Visualization

✓ Corporate Bios for Key Executives & Team Members

✓ Interactive Investor Presentation & Fact Sheet with Download Links

✓ Comprehensive Financial Hub

✓ Multimedia Content Integration

✓ User-Centric Updates to showcase a commitment to transparent communication and technological advancement.

✓ Social Media Links

✓ Email Newsletter Sign-up

Through the convenience of a mobile app, investors can stay informed about your company’s updates and strategic moves at their fingertips. The app serves as a virtual hub, fostering a sense of connection and transparency between your company and its shareholders. Real-time notifications and personalized alerts ensure that investors are promptly updated on relevant developments, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in your company.



Unlocking Investor Relations Excellence

Unlocking Investor Relations excellence is your commitment to fostering dynamic connections between your public company and stakeholders. Through innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology, we empower seamless communication, transparency, and engaging digital experiences. Elevate your investor relations journey and build lasting relationships with a platform designed for success in the modern era.

Enhanced Investor Engagement: An IR mobile app provides a direct and interactive platform for investors, fostering engagement and communication.

Instant Access to Critical Information: Investors can access stock prices, news releases, and other essential data conveniently through the app.

Global Reach: The app allows for a broader reach, ensuring that investors worldwide can easily stay informed about your company’s updates and performance.

Brand Visibility: The app serves as a dedicated space for your brand, reinforcing corporate identity and ensuring visibility among investors and shareholders.

Efficient Investor Relations: Streamline investor relations by consolidating crucial information in one accessible location, saving time and effort for both the company and its investors.

Competitive Edge: Embrace technological innovation to gain a competitive edge, showcasing your commitment to investor relations and staying ahead in the digital landscape.

By leveraging innovative strategies and advanced technology, an IR Mobile App facilitates seamless communication, transparency, and captivating digital experiences. Investors can access critical information effortlessly, fostering global reach and brand visibility. Embracing technological innovation not only provides a competitive edge but also demonstrates a dedication to exceptional investor relations, establishing a standard for success in the modern era.

Experience unparalleled investor engagement, streamlined communication, and enhanced brand visibility with the transformative benefits of an Investor Relations Mobile App.

Examples of our work

iMetal Resources Inc. Mobile App

Appia Rare Earths & Uranium Mobile App

Your website is buried in a browser with 1 billion other sites.

But when downloaded, a mobile app is on the screen of an investor’s mobile phone and accessible with one touch!

What OUR CLIENTS Are Saying…

“IR Mobile Apps should be the first and most obvious choice for every public company. The ability to send an instantaneous notification from our company to the screens of thousands if not, millions of investors’ mobile phones is invaluable, especially as their smartphone is the most likely means used to purchase stocks.”

Saf Dhillon, CEO

iMetal Resources Inc. (TSXV: IMR | OTCQB: IMRFF | FSE: A7V)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an IR mobile app necessary if I already have a website?

An IR mobile app offers unparalleled engagement opportunities as investors typically access their phones numerous times daily, spending a significant amount of time on mobile apps. The app provides a superior user experience compared to a website, seamlessly integrating into the investor’s smartphone environment. By installing your public company app, investors grant access to their trust zone, increasing the likelihood of regular content consumption, which is not achievable through a website.

Where can investors find my IR mobile app?

Investors can easily locate your IR mobile app on both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store. We will also provide links for you to add to your website and a QR code for your marketing materials.

How long does it take to build and launch my IR Mobile App?

Our team will complete the development and design of your IR Mobile App within 30 days. Additionally, it takes another 30 days for the app to be approved and uploaded to both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play store.

Can I customize the content on my IR Mobile App?

You have full control over the content on your IR Mobile App. Customize and update information, ensuring it aligns with your current corporate communications and investor relations strategy.

IR Mobile Apps are designed with fonts and colours consistant with your public company corporate branding .

What is the turnaround time for changes to go live on the app?

Once changes are submitted, our mobile app team prioritizes them accordingly. News Releases are live within one business day, while other content updates may take up to three business days.

How do notifications function within the app?

Notifications are sent to app users for all news releases, accompanied by a sound alert and an active badge signal based on the user’s notification settings. Additionally, notifications may include updates on interviews, investor presentations, and event invites, ensuring investors receive timely and relevant information tailored to their preferences.

How is user data handled on the IR Mobile App?

We prioritize the security and privacy of user data. All information collected adheres to strict data protection measures, ensuring a secure and confidential experience for both the company and its investors.

Embrace the Future of Investor Relations

Leading the charge in delivering mobile apps for public companies, Stock Marketing Inc. empowers executives to seamlessly step into the future of investor relations. Elevate your company’s visibility, accessibility, and engagement with a custom-designed IR Mobile App. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies that prioritize investor communication in the palm of their hands.


Why Choose OUR IR Mobile App Service?

Unprecedented Accessibility:

Deliver investors seamless access to real-time company content, financial reports, and updates directly from their smartphones or tablets with just one touch. Our user-friendly interface guarantees an immersive experience, fostering heightened engagement and unwavering loyalty.

Global Reach:

Tap into a vast, constantly connected audience of 6.3 billion smartphone users and 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide. Break geographical barriers, ensuring your company remains a prominent consideration for investors around the globe.

App Download Surge:

Capitalizing on the undeniable surge in app downloads—with a staggering 257 billion in 2023 alone, marking a 10.87% increase—provides your investors with a dedicated app that positions your company as forward-thinking and investor-centric.

Mobile Dependency:

Seize the attention of the modern investor, who checks their phone 92 times a day on average and spends 4.5 hours daily using it. Align your investor relations strategy with the habits of today’s digital-savvy investors to maximize visibility and engagement.

App Dominance:

In a world where 70% of all US digital media consumption occurs through apps, a dedicated investor relations app ensures your company is at the forefront of the digital landscape. Be present where your investors are—on their mobile devices.

Time Spent on Apps:

With statistics revealing that 88% of mobile time is spent on apps, offering a compelling and informative app experience grants your company a significant share of investors’ digital attention. This provides an unparalleled platform for disseminating crucial information.

Book a free discovery call with us, and together, we’ll craft a strategy that not only elevates your online presence but fundamentally strengthens the bond with your shareholders.