Video Interviews interviews by renowned host Pat Bolland

Video Interviews interviews by renowned host Pat Bolland

Maximizing Corporate Visibility

In today’s digital landscape, visibility is paramount, especially for the CEO of a public company who must maintain a robust dialogue with shareholders, potential investors, and the broader market.

With over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, YouTube offers an expansive reach that can significantly boost a company’s visibility.

Booking a video interview with a seasoned host like Pat Bolland is a strategic move to amplify a company’s narrative and engage with a wider audience. Pat Bolland, with his extensive background in financial journalism and market analysis, provides a credible platform that can help a CEO articulate their company’s value proposition in a nuanced and compelling manner. His interviewing prowess ensures that the discussion remains focused and informative, delivering clear and actionable insights to an audience that values depth over sound bites.

  • Strategic Visibility and Engagement
  • Leveraging YouTube’s Extensive Reach
  • Reinforcing Investor Relations
  • Longevity Across Marketing Channels

Discover the Benefits

Media Assets

The CEO’s message, delivered through a well-conducted interview, can resonate with investors.

✓   Fast Delivery: Professionally edited video & audio provided within one business day.

✓   Ownership and Use: Video and audio can be used as your original content on your YouTube channel and all social media platforms.

✓   Promotional Rights: Full rights to promote the video as your owned digital asset.

Your company will be able to deliver a consistent message across all of its marketing platforms with a CEO interview with Pat Bolland that ensures your message is not only heard but also resonates.


The extensive promotional network of will ensure that your company gains unparalleled exposure with investors:

✓  Social Media Exposure: We will publish and promote the CEO interview on all social media, including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Podcast Distribution: The company interview will be published and promoted on all podcasts across Spotify, Google Android, Apple Podcast, Amazon Podcast, and iHeart Radio.

Take full advantage of our robust and established channels to significantly broaden your company’s reach, ensuring your message resonates with a diverse and engaged audience that spans across various demographics and interests.

Showcase Your Company News Directly to Investors

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Confirmation and Prep

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Corporate Insights with Pat Bolland

Engage in a dynamic conversation with Pat Bolland, focusing on your company’s most recent news and developments

Your Corporate Interview

Enjoy a professionally refined version of your interview, where premium video quality meets editorial expertise to captivate your audience

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of questions will Pat Bolland ask me?

You have the unique opportunity to shape the dialogue with Pat Bolland by selecting questions that steer the conversation toward your strategic goals. With Pat’s skillful guidance, the interview will naturally unfold in the direction you envision, ensuring your key messages are communicated effectively.

Can I see the interview before it is published?

Should you wish to preview the interview prior to its release, you’re welcome to request a review copy. Simply indicate your preference for a pre-publication viewing in the notes section when placing your order. Keep in mind that opting for this review may extend the delivery time beyond our standard one-business-day turnaround. Please be aware that, barring any errors on our part, the interview will not be subject to a reshoot.

What are the benefits of booking a Video interview?

Investors highly value direct insights from the companies within their portfolios, especially when news is released. Booking a video interview offers a dynamic platform to amplify your company’s updates, enhance investor relations, and boost the visibility of your latest developments. It’s an effective strategy to engage with your shareholders and reinforce market presence.

How long will it take for my interview to be live?

Expect a swift transition from recording to broadcast – your interview will be ready to go live in just one business day! Following the completion of your interview, we’ll provide you with the professionally edited mp4 file, so you can leverage this content as a digital asset for your company. If you don’t have a dedicated platform like YouTube or similar channels for your firm, you have the convenient option to link directly to the interview on YouTube channel, ensuring your stakeholders have seamless access.

How many interviews can I book?

You’re welcome to book as many interviews as you desire, subject only to Pat’s availability. We strongly advise scheduling an interview with each newsworthy update from your company to maintain momentum and keep your audience informed. Additionally, having a quarterly interview is an excellent practice to provide regular, engaging updates and stay connected with your investors and the wider market.

Why should I book a CEO Video interview?

Securing a CEO video interview not only gives your leadership a platform to share valuable insights but also ensures significant exposure. Your interview will be prominently featured across‘s social media channels, engaging an audience of over 15,000 investors. Moreover, it will be highlighted in our newsletter, which boasts a dedicated readership of more than 20,000 subscribers, amplifying your company’s reach and impact.

Book your interview now by selecting a preferred date and time here.

Highlight your company’s achievements and ensure your voice is heard across the investment community. Schedule your exclusive CEO video interview and capitalize on the chance to showcase your strategic vision. Our streamlined booking process is just a click away. Set a date with impact—your interview will be propelled by the substantial reach of TodaysStocks.coms social platforms and our extensive newsletter network. Choose your preferred time now and get ready to elevate your company’s profile within the bustling market.

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